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We Love to Be Your Venture Partner

Ultimately, our vision of sustainability aims to create a world where current and future generations can thrive in a healthy, equitable, and flourishing environment. It requires collective action, collaboration between stakeholders, and a long-term perspective that recognizes the interconnectedness of ecological, social, and economic systems.

By embracing these principles, we can pave the way for a better future, where human well-being is in harmony with the planet's natural systems, fostering a sustainable and thriving world for all.

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The SKV Vision
Our vision is to pioneer economic transformation through a blend of visionary mindsets and innovative action. We pride ourselves on being speedy decision-makers and pragmatic realists, driving growth with agility and precision. Our empathetic, connected team embodies the spirit of youthful curiosity and result-driven management. We are not just investors, but inspiring partners, committed to fueling entrepreneurial success and delivering tangible outcomes.
We unite complementary and high expertise in founding, scaling and selling companies.

Susanne Hahn

  • Founding & Managing Partner of SKV Invest
  • Former TOP-Management of Mercedes-Benz (i.e. CEO Lab1886 Global and CEO Corporate Organization; direct line to BoM)
  • Advisory Board Member of listed and family owned companies as well as governmental initiatives
  • Founding Partner & Chair of the Shareholders Board Zefyron
  • Founding Partner & Member of the Shareholders Board 1886Technologies (former Managing Partner)
  • Former Advisory Board Member of Volocopter
  • Network, Transformation, and Innovation Expert

Kai J. Siebert

  • Founding & Managing Partner of SKV Invest and 1886Technologies
  • Former TOP-Management of Mercedes-Benz (i.e. CFO Corporate Controlling Daimler, CFO Mercedes-Benz AMG and Head of Corporate Controlling Financial Services)
  • Founding Partner of SENTImotion
  • Former Advisory Board Member at several Daimler entities
  • Finance, M&A and Business Development Expert

Dr. Volker Gesmann

  • Founding & Managing Partner of SKV Invest
  • Founding Partner & COO of Zefyron
  • Former COO of 1886Technologies & Lab1886 Global @ Mercedes-Benz (i.e. Ideation & Validation, Business Development)
  • Former Management Functions at Daimler & Mercedes Benz (i.e. HR- Planning & Controlling, Compensation, ReOrg & Efficiency Program Mgmt.)
  • Master & PhD in Industrial Engineering (KIT)
  • BizDev, Transformation and Compensation Expert

Our Partners

In our national and international partner network, we have established strong connections with esteemed members who possess high-profile expertise in their respective fields. These members bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and influence to our network, contributing to our ability to foster business development and drive impactful collaborations.

By leveraging the diverse expertise and extensive network of our partners, we ensure that our clients and stakeholders gain access to a wide range of valuable resources, strategic opportunities, and industry insights. Our extensive and well-curated network stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to connect with influential professionals on a global scale.

Our Transformation Path
Daimler Business Innovation
Incubator of
Mercedes-Benz AG
& Daimler AG
Next Technology Venture Group
since 2020
Impact Investor & Venture Builder
since 2020
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