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ONE platform for ALL! The unique and interactive platform connects start-ups, investors, companies & academia worldwide and provide valuable innovation services.

Decisions can be made in an optimized way based on a high level of transparency. Next to the growing "live" community you can make use of our high-quality database with over 1.4 million startup- and over 200.000 investor profiles, a business valuation calculator will help you to create your company valuation and secures a perfect transparency for investors. Or make use of our event, project management and data room tools.

In addition, Zefyron offers customized innovation services such as professional Startup- and Technology Screening, Market-, Competition-, Use-case- or Partner Analysis and our Trend-Briefing service TrendIST, which helps you to stay individually updated on exactly your topics of interest. We also help you to individual organize your investor or product conferences.

Focus Area: Digital Solutions
Founded in: 2021
HyperPark Urban Parking & Charging Hub

HyperPark Ltd. is the ultimate urban parking and charging solution for the future of e-mobility. By integrating innovative ideas in civil engineering and automotive technology, HyperPark aims to revolutionize sustainable transportation with underground facilities. Addressing current challenges of parking scarcity and charging station efficiency, HyperPark ensures both social and environmental responsibility while delivering attractive financial returns for investors and customers, propelling e-mobility to new heights. HyperPark is a joint venture by the world market leader Herrenknecht and SKV Invest.

Focus Area: GreenTech & Gamechanging Technologies
Founded in: 2023

SENTImotion stands for a new era of highly efficient and universal drive technology, with the highest power density. It combines all functions of state-of-the-art drive technology in one system.

Due to the innovative hydrodrive technology, the functions of the world's best individual components (motor, pump, transmission, break) are installed intelligently and miniaturized in one housing, while increasing the power density at the same time.

All this leads to savings in installation space and weight, increases the service life of the components, reduces maintenance and is scalable with maximum torque.

Especially in times of the energy transition, these characteristics are paired with the unprecedented power density of the SENTImotion system the magic bullet for all systems on land, in water and in the air.

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Focus Area: Gamechanging Technologies
Founded in: 2021

We close the loop!

From "take - make - waste" to a circular world.

CIDA is an upcycling platform for luxury and premium brands. CIDA's mission is to end the senseless industrial destruction of high value resources.

The Web3-based matchmaking platform enables industry partners to reuse unused resources (hidden value) quickly, efficiently and 10x more profitably than recycling. The focus is not only on emission reduction but on circular upcycling collections that scale brand positioning and value creation.

Focus Area: Sustainable Industry & Digital Solutions
Founded: 2021 @1886Technologies
Globe Fuel Cell Systems

The future of energy lies in the HYDROGEN.

GLOBE Fuel Cell Systems GmbH is a German GreenTech company from Stuttgart. We develop emission-free, digitally networked fuel cell systems for industrial applications such as intralogistics, in the marine sector as well as for emergency power generators. GLOBE has its origins in fuel cell research and the innovation division of Mercedes-Benz.

Foucs Area: CleanTech & Sustainable Industry
Founded: 2021 @1886Technologies

Your car subscription – the digital sales channel of the future.

The car buying preferences, especially in Europe and Germany, are changing rapidly. In addition to buying, leasing, and renting, a fourth and fast-growing sales channel is emerging - the car subscription. However, setting up an own car subscription platform and integrating it into an existing dealership system means significant investments for car dealers.

With our plug-in solution and years of experience in the automotive industry, we offer dealers a possibility to get started with this new business model fast and easy.  

Focus Area: Sustainable Industry & Digital Solutions
Founded in: 2021 @1886Technologies
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